Mango Sauce

Mango fruits are very famous one and it enchants one with its taste. Mangoes are mostly growing in tropical weather and thus they are grown at a large rate in the Indian subcontinent. India produces nearly half the mangoes of the world. It is famous in India since the past and soon its popularity spread to other countries also! Mangoes are popularly used with many products. You could find the mango flavor in pickles, jams, ice creams, salads etc.

Enchanting Taste Of Mango!

The fruit typically grows in summer and hence people consider it as a summer delight! The appearance of the fruit itself would tempt one to taste it! A typical mango fruit is large and yellow in color. The mango color is also famous and so its fragrance and taste! The fruit has a hairy seed within it. Mango is popularly used with the Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

Many ancient medicines also have recognized the importance of mango fruits for curing some diseases. According to ayurveda, if you eat the heated mango, it would balance all your ‘doshas’. Thus it is a great source of energy. Unripe mangoes are popularly used with chutneys and also pickles. Mango pickles is said t be an excellent side dish for many of the recipes!

‘Manga pachadi’ is a famous dish made from mangoes and it is also known to be one of the tastiest dishes of Kerala! Mango fruits are also widely used in making drinks called the ‘panaham’ which would refresh you from the scorching heat of summer.

Mango fruits can be consumed either as a ripe fruits or it can also be taken in the form of a fruit. The mango flavor in lassies is very famous and they are prepared by adding the mango pulp in the yoghurt. This is a popular dish served in both Indian and Pakistani restaurants. One could use ripe mangoes in order to make dishes like ‘mambazha kaalan’, ‘manga satham’ etc.

There are also other popular recipes made with mangoes which include ‘aamras’ which is a thick pulp made from mangoes and this is mixed with milk and sugar. ‘Aamras’ is a popular side dish that can be consumed along with bread. Many regions of India uses different varieties of mango which include ‘thokku manga’, ‘mis-koot’ etc.

Unripe mangoes are generally consumed in the form of pickles. In ripe mango the skin is not eaten while in unripe mangoes, the skin is also consumed. Mangoes are quite famous in other countries also. Even though the other countries do not have mango in its nativity, it has introduced the fruits to the country.

Regulating Your Health

Thus mango is popular in every region of India and it is widely used in different types of food varieties in every part of India! These fruits are not only associated with recipes but are also associated with products like muesli. Mango fruits are not only a tasty food, but it also is a good source of nutrients. If consumed in right quantities, mangoes can definitely help in regulating your health. Thus one can try to use mangoes in right quantities in their recipes which are a perfect treat for their taste buds!


Mango ChutneyYummy, yummy!

Manoges ChutneyDelicious!

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