Mango Drink

Mango Fruit is typical in India and Pakistan. One would be able to find these fruits in lots of food items in the Indian and Pakistani recipes. The  Mango fruit has an enchanting taste and it acts as a great feast to one’s taste buds. Mango fruit and its production are famous in India and it is also considered an important fruit in the Indian tradition.

Mango Masti!

It is a sacred fruit of India and it is often associated with many ceremonies. India gives so much of importance to the fruit that it is also considered as the national fruit of the nation. Hinduism regards the fruit to have a high values. According to the culture, lord vinayak holds a ripe mango in his hand, in order to symbolize attainment. The mango flowers are also popularly used to worship saraswathi.

Mango fruits and Mango leaves are popularly used in Indian houses. Mango leaves are popularly used with every Indian marriage. Many Indian families also decorate their door with mango leaves in order to symbolize prosperity. Mango motifs are also quite popular and they are widely used in embroidery. These motifs are used in shawls and also in silk saris.

Mangoes are produces in large numbers and thus they constitute around half the number of tropical fruits. The production of mangoes is more that 33,000,000 tones. The top 10 producers of the mangoes are accountable for more than 80% of the production. There are different varieties of mangoes namely Alphanso, Benishan, kesar etc.

Varieties of Mangos

Alphonso is often considered the tastiest varieties of mango. These varieties are popular in south. In north, the popular varieties include Dussehri and Langda. Yellow or red color is often associated with ripe mangoes while green is associated with unripe mangoes. Ripe mangoes are very juicy and they have a great taste. Unripe mangoes are used for the sake of exports.

Mangoes are found in both freestone and clingstone varieties. There are lots of cultivars of mango and in various orchards, cross pollination is been encouraged to cultivate mango fruits and there are lots of cultivars who prefer to use mono-embryonic variety which needs to be propagated with techniques like grafting. Another common cultivar in the Asian region is the ‘Alphonso’. This variety is common in the coastal side of Maharashtra.

The current market is now dominated by ‘tommy Atkins’. These mangoes are said to have a longer shelf life and they are less prone to diseases. Florida also cultivates mangoes and they have smaller mango gardens which are filled with dwarf sized trees. There are various gardens that promote various varieties of the fruit. ‘Condo mangoes’ are another variety of the mangosteen fruit which has a height of less than 2 m.


Mango Fruit JuicesA delicious drink!

Mango SmoothieYummy, yummy!

Mangoes SyrupTo choose!



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