Mango Candy

If you ask a child what he likes the most to eat, his immediate reply would be a candy and his next reply would mostly be a fruit of his choice. We all like to have something sweet and tasty and when the thing is good for health it adds to the well being of the person. Fruits are filled with nutrient value and supplies a lot of good calories to the body and candies made from these fruits are good fro health too. When buying fruit candies from the markets we get candies that only have fruit essence but don’t have the real fruit so it doesn’t give the complete nutrient value and hence making fruit candy at home using fruit and candy is a better option. Almost everyone who is present in this world will like to eat fruit and candy.

Various Fruits For Making Delicious Candies

There are various fruits and one could make varieties of candies based on them. Personally I prefer cranberry brown sugar fudge. It is a simple fruit candy that can be prepared very easily and wit very little effort. The various ingredients of this dish are brown sugar, salt, heavy cream, corn soup, vanilla extract, cinnamon and dried cranberries. The first thing to do is to have a non stick pan and prepare a mixture of sugar, brown sugar, salt, corn syrup and place the mixture in the pan and heat for some amount of time.

Fruit And Candy Are Major Ingredient In Candy Preparation

The idea is to heat it for some time at a medium heat. The mixture should be stirred for some times to ensure that bulges don’t form in them. The temperature of the dish shouldn’t be allowed to go beyond 114 c and this can be ensured b placing a thermometer in the pan on the mixture. When the mixture has reached the heat the mixture has to be poured into a vessel with butter coating and cinnamon. This would make the mixture move smoothly in the vessel and it would prevent the dish from sticking to the vessel. Then after allowing the dish to cool fro some time, it has to be poured into moulds to create a candy shape. The mould vessel should be then placed into a freezer for some time till it hardens. Then good, healthy and firm chocolate candies are ready. There are numerous fruit and candy recipe that are available around the world. The basic technique is the same, and using the technique people can create fruit candies of almost every fruit. They can ad more sugar to make it more sweet or reduce the amount of sugar in it to ensure that the taste of the fruit isn’t lost.


Mango GummiesYummy, yummy!

Mango BarA great snack!



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