Mango Beauty

Mango fruit trees bears the king of fruits and is regarded as one of the tastiest fruit! Mangoes dominate the market during the summer season. Mango is tied up with Indian tradition and Indians often use mangoes in their cuisine. Mango fruit tree is often considered a sacred tree and hence in India they used to decorate wedding halls with mango leaves.

Mango Fruit Tree

The mango fruit is consumed both in ripe and unripe format. The fruit is generally sweet and it is very tasty – especially for a mangosteen fruit juice. One could find the fruit to have different texture with different varieties. Some fruits may have a soft texture while others may have pulpy one. This fruit could be consumed either as in a fruit or in the vegetable form.

Mango is also considered auspicious and thus its leaves are used to decorate events like marriages. Every Indian marriage would have mango leaves associated with it. Mango fruit trees are of 40 m tall and they have a radius of around 10m.The tree has a long life and they would bear good number of fruits. Some trees are so famous for their age and they also bear fruits even after 300 years.

Good For Health

Mango has a variety of nutrients which makes it good for health. Ayurveda also has realized the importance of mangoes in balancing the doshas. Mangoes are a rich source of photochemical and the pulp has good dietary fiber and other vitamins like vitamin c, provitamin A etc.

It also has antioxidant vitamin in it which would help you to lead a youthful life. The essential nutrients in the fruit include potassium, copper and also it has good level of amino acids. The peel of the mango contains various pigments that would include carotenoids, lutein, and alpha-carotene. These are said to have excellent anti-oxidant properties. A mango fruit tree is considered to have a longer life and even a 300 year old tree would produce fruits!

The roots of the tree are also very small and the tree is very huge in size! It is said to be very useful as the tree is both leaves and fruits are used by the people. The mango fruit tree is simply one of the useful plants that you could have in your garden!


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