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Mango fruit is often regarded as the king of fruits and it has so heavenly taste that it is often considered as everyone’s favorite. The taste of the mango is very enchanting and people prefer the fruit to be taken in any form. It top’s the list in any kind of recipes made with fruits. Mango fruit is popularly used in jams, salads, pickles, shakes etc.

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Mango fruits are popular in the summer season and you would get plenty of mangoes at a cheaper price in summer. There are many varieties of the mango fruit and each variety has its own taste! Mango fruit belongs to the mangifera family and it consists of lot of varieties in the particular family. Mango is mainly found in India and it grows in tropical weather. Mango is used with many items and thus it is also regarded as the fruit which is widely used in many products. It is famous for its color, flavor and fragrance.

Mango is also considered auspicious and thus its leaves are used to decorate events like marriages. Every Indian marriage would have mango leaves associated with it. Mango fruit trees are of 40 m tall and they have a radius of around 10m.The tree has a long life and they would bear good number of fruits. Some trees are so famous for their age and they also bear fruits even after 300 years.

The root of the tree is also quite deep under the soil and its roots spread across the soil to form a strong holding! Mango trees are evergreen and the color of the leaves change as they grow. New leaves are orange and then it turns to red and finally green! Mango flowers are small and they carry fewer petals. The fruit of the tree takes around months to ripe.


The season for mango is between May to July. It is also regarded as the summer treat by the Indian people! One would be able to get juicy fruits in the market! The size of the various fruits would differ and inside the fruit you would find a seed which is hairy! Mango fruit has been cultivates since a long time and it is famous in the Indian subcontinent. It then became popular and spread to Asia. Mangoes typically grow in a frost-free climate and it also requires adequate sunlight.

There are lots of varieties of mangoes and dwarf and semi-dwarf is a good variety that is primarily used for decorative purposes! India is the leading producer of the mango and according to fact nearly half the mangoes of the world are grown in India! Mango is susceptible to many diseases and hence it is necessary to take good care of the plants!

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